An Accessibility Subject Matter Expert is asked this simple question…

Do you like this red dress, yes or no?

  • SME 1 response: It’s not really red.  It’s more of a maroon color.
  • SME 2 response: That’s not a dress, it’s a skirt.
  • SME 3 response: My Mac is showing a blue scarf.
  • SME 4 response: Why would you ever want to wear a red dress this time of year?
  • SME 4 response: It really should have been made with polyester instead of cotton.
  • SME 5 response: It would look better if the threads were white.
  • SME 6 response: Can you add more buttons?
  • SME 7 response: I’d like to see it from the rear.
  • SME 8 response: DDAG (Dress Design Accessibility Guidelines) does not allow this type of dress to be red.
  • SME 9 response: Although it appears to function as a dress, I think the role is more of a “cover-all”.
  • SME 10 response: You should allow the length of the dress to adjusted to better meet the needs of the owner.
  • SME 11 response: Is this billable?

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