An Accessibility Subject Matter Expert is asked this simple question…

Do you like this red dress, yes or no?

  • SME 1 response: It’s not really red.  It’s more of a maroon color.
  • SME 2 response: That’s not a dress, it’s a skirt.
  • SME 3 response: My Mac is showing a blue scarf.
  • SME 4 response: Why would you ever want to wear a red dress this time of year?
  • SME 4 response: It really should have been made with polyester instead of cotton.
  • SME 5 response: It would look better if the threads were white.
  • SME 6 response: Can you add more buttons?
  • SME 7 response: I’d like to see it from the rear.
  • SME 8 response: DDAG (Dress Design Accessibility Guidelines) does not allow this type of dress to be red.
  • SME 9 response: Although it appears to function as a dress, I think the role is more of a “cover-all”.
  • SME 10 response: You should allow the length of the dress to adjusted to better meet the needs of the owner.
  • SME 11 response: Is this billable?

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7 thoughts on “An Accessibility Subject Matter Expert is asked this simple question…”

  1. 1) It’s fine until someone shows up to the party with the same dress – duplicate dresses can have unintended consequences.

    2) Wait, you were wearing jeans 5 minutes ago. That was an unexpected change of wardrobe.

    3) I just had my eyes dilated, can you describe it to me?

    4) It doesn’t provide enough contrast with your skin, you look washed out.

    5) It looks kinda tight. Do you feel trapped in it?

  2. Is this leading somewhere? If so, I’m sorry but it’s totally inappropriate for that dress to be designated by color alone. It should be underlined at the very least

  3. Long description: The red dress is a single one piece thigh-high mini which accompanies the perfect ensemble of matching mid-high shoes and blazing red purse. Standing next to the red dress is a devil in a blue dress looking ominously and , of course, asking questions so she cab buy the same dress later.

    p.s. This is totally awesome!!!!!!

  4. Number 9 seems suspiciously familiar. Oh, I know why – W3C working group 😉

    Truly witty and insightful post. I hope that many will get the joke, and most importantly – the point.

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